Cryptominingrigs aims to make Crypto-Mining simple and easy for everyone, even if you have no experience with computers.

We build machines and chassis designed to mine decentralized, online currencies (crypto-currencies) to make a profit.

Building you own rig can be an overwhelming and risky task, we design rigs that are all ready for you to plug-and-play machines allow start GPU RIG will let you mine more than 40 currencies in 12 different algorithms.

We also provide consultancy support and services in the selection of miners, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash and other specialized devices for all your needs if you want to build up an army of powerful mining machines.


The Cryptographic Gold Rush!

Harness computer technology to make profits!

Blockchain technology is likely to become the biggest revolution that the financial world has known since its inception.

You've probably heard of Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency that turned a lot of people into instant millionaires. It's a digital currency, and new units of currency are generated by “mining.” It is basically a currency without a bank, where the computers do all the work of the bank. This is a computationally intensive task, and it requires a lot of processing power. Essentially, the computer is rewarded for solving difficult math problems. So the more powerful your mining computer is, the more rewards it will get.